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Beatfarmer, aka Adam Wood, was born in England, and has lived and travelled to many places in the world, taking in the sights and sounds of different cultures and people.  He now lives in the woods on a raw, west coast island where his homesteading lifestyle keeps him connected with the earth. This connection shows through his music, which incorporates ethnic and tribal sounds with modern electronic beats capturing the energy and beauty of the world he loves.

Adam’s musical training began at an early age with the violin, training at the Suzuki music school. He continued playing classical violin solo and in orchestras through his high school years, when he began experimenting with other instruments and styles. A love of popular music developed in his high school years, and continued into his adult life. In 2005, an intentional dance celebration came to the small island that is Adam’s home. It opened his eyes, ears, and heart to a new and beautiful world of electronic music and dance.

Beatfarmer dj’d the opening set at the next celebration that came to the island, which gave him a new outlet for his love of music. Since then he has played many shows in the Victoria and south coast intentional dance scenes, and also has become a regular dj at community celebrations on the island as well. He has developed a passion for mixing organic world music with electronic beats and takes great care in crafting his sets for individual shows. In 2009 Adam started producing his own music, a style which he calls tribal trance. Like his Dj sets, his original productions are filled with natural sounds, chanting, and organic percussion, connecting the listener with the traditions of the past, through the sounds of the future.

Beatfarmer believes in the power of the trance state to strengthen our spirits and bodies and likes to access this through dance and music. Adam is an active member of the intentional dance community on the south coast. and strives to create opportunities for positive, intentional celebration where people can safely activate their higher self with movement, sound and community. Through dance, we strive to bring an increase in consciousness and awareness though to our daily lives.

Bringing mind, spirit and body together. Combining energy, healing, beauty, balance, organic sounds and ancient incantations, beatfarmer will move your body to dance and your spirit to soar.  Whether it’s a world fusion set, a deep trance journey, or sacred downtempo…..beatfarmer plays for the dancers.        

peace, love , unity,  respect

Gig History:
played with Adham Shaikh, Max Pashm, Gaudi, David Starfire, Andrew Interchill, Rj Solo, Mythril, Kaminanda, Lynx & Janover, Blue Lunar Monkey, Khan, Akhentek, Shen, Nils, Jay Michael, Mazeguider Cannabinoid, The Bolting Brassicas, Orkestar Silvovica, Govinda, and many more major artists at festivals like Earthdance, Entheos, Inshala, Diversity and and Between Worlds.

•    Cosmic Caravan  03/05/10 (Sunset Room, Vctoria)
•    Adham Shaikh Cd release-2011 (Sunset Room, Victoria)
•    Entheos Gathering in (B.C) 2008,2010,2011
•    Diversity 2011 (Texada Island BC)
•    Inshala 2011 (Alberta)
•    Earth Dance 2009,2011 (Victoria, Vancouver Island)
•    Lasquircus, Lasqueti Circus Tour  2008,2011 (Gulf Islands)
•    Cave 10 showcase   feb 18, 2012   (the bookworm, Chengdu, China)
•    Govinda -feb23,2012 (Sunset Room, Victoria)ent center, Victoria
•    Solarize , with Subaqueous & Cuali -march 29, (event center, Victoria)
•    David Starfire / Govinda  -april 20,2013 (Red Room, Vancouver BC)
•    Inshala 2013 – June 2013 (Fort Mclead Alberta)
•    Believe Freedom Festival- July  2013 (Whistler BC)
 •    Luminosity Gathering – July  2014 (Vancouver Island BC)
•    Atmosphere Festival – August  2014 (Vancouver Island BC)

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