Lasya Lada

Lasya Lada

Tuesday, 03 February 2015

Catch Lasya Lada’s DJ Mixes on Radio every afternoon from 12:12pm to 5:55pm MST for “All Girl DJ’s All Afternoon” and also for “DJ Friends of Radio” weeknights 6:06pm.

Lasya Lada Soundcloud 


Since birth, lasya lada (Janelle Cooper), has been entrenched in music. The journey began with studying voice and brass throughout her childhood and university years, performing steadily from age 4. As a young child, she immediately fell in love with electronic music when introduced to it by her music teacher father. Since 2012, she’s been a resident DJ at Noorish’s weekly Dance Temple. She is involved in the intentional community (ArcaTribe/Intention) and the festival scene, both as an organizer and a DJ. Her time is also spent as a massage therapist, an avid dancer and teacher of Nia, a holistic movement practice that melds dance, martial arts and healing arts. 2013 was her Astral Harvest debut and she is honoured to continue sharing her adoration for healing, community, music and dance with you.

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