Sunday, 26 July 2015
DJ Mixes

MATEESON Mateeson is one of the staples when throwing around names in the Edmonton music community. He got his start in the bustling Etown afterhours scene, circa 2004 and has been making a name for himself ever since.

While maintaining various residencies around the city, his constant ability to bring the freshest sounds to every dance floor he conducts solidified him as a reputable leader of the underground. Since these early years, his DJ style and bass heavy house beats have evolved into a musical oxymoron of both complexity and straightforward dance floor rhythms. He explores a variety of tempos using house staples, bass and breaks, a collaboration that provides a room with not only a sound, an experience.

His appearances at music festivals, including Astral Harvest, Kootenanny, Shambhala and Wicked Woods  have aided in his quest to expand the musical landscape, while showcasing the good times and love that this music community truly has to offer.

Most recently he created Wheelhouse Productions, gathering a group of likeminded enthusiasts (okay, his best friends) to develop a platform for expansion in the electronic music community, both locally and on a much larger scale.
Their mission is to provide a fresh look on the underground music scene, paying homage to properly thrown events, while gathering enthusiasm between different musical communities and fostering mainstream excitement with positive underground vibes.

Mateeson believes in good times, with good friends.
Just ask anyone who’s graced his dance floors; that’s exactly what he’s doing!

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