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Saturday, 14 January 2012
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~TheJuiceMedia: Rap News the news source for the discerning viewer, delivering a bulletin to restore your faith in the fourth estate; and make you nod your head to the beat, even as you shake it in disbelief. An off-beat musical, current-affairs programme, ‘Rap News’ is responsible for turning bollocks-news into socio-poetic/comedic analyses which everyone can relate to and understand.

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More About ~TheJuiceMedia – Rap News

Broadcasting since October 2009, free and direct on ~TheJuiceMedia channel, Rap News  strives to give viewers the broad picture surrounding the issues, helping to contextualize and crystallize what ‘s really going on, all using the media of rap and comedy.

Join your host, Robert Foster, for the latest broadcast at ~TheJuiceMedia: Rap News

Background for media/press:

~TheJuiceMedia’s Rap News is co-written and created by Hugo Farrant and Giordano Nanni in a home-studio/suburban backyard in Melbourne, Australia.

Hugo Farrant – fills the role of the amiable Rap News anchorman, Robert Foster (as well as all the guests who appear on the show). Hailing from Branksome in the UK, Hugo is a prolific rhymer and orator, MC and spoken-word poet who regularly graces the stages and festivals of Melbourne. Having spent six years rhyming and rapping, he now co-writes Rap News.

Giordano – is Rap News co-writer, composer, editor, director and researcher, whose rants and ruminations on current affairs are channeled into rhyme by Robert Foster. Hailing from Italy and South Africa, Giordano is a historian, writer, musician, indy-journalist and – in collaboration with Hugo – news writer.

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