❤ LoveFire.ca ॐ {{Radio}} – BASEMENT TRAXX with Mr. Wedge

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Weekly LIVE SHOW with resident DJ Mr. Wedge Tune in every Sunday funday for Mr. Wedge and friends for BASEMENT TRAXX, 7:07pm – 9:09pm MST   Mr. Wedge’s Soundcloud  Mr. Wedge’s DJ Page A good buddy to the electronic music and the festival scene, Mr. Wedge is a veteran DJ having moved bodies and booties for over 15 years behind the decks.  All the while, tantalizing dance floors at places like Y Afterhours, Blackdog Freehouse, Mad Hatter Festival, Motion Notion […]

All Girl DJ’s All Afternoon – Mistress Mangladesh, Lasya Lada, Tianna J, Lady V, Shylo Love

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Tune in every afternoon for “All Girl DJs, All Afternoon” with recorded DJ mixes by:  Mistress Mangladesh, Lasya Lada , Tianna J, Lady V and Shylo Love Find out more about our sexy and talented female DJ’s:   Tianna J Soundcloud  Tianna J’s DJ Page   Mistress Mangladesh Soundcloud  Mistress Mangladesh’s DJ Page   Lady V Soundcloud  Lady V’s DJ Page Lasya Lada Soundcloud  Lasya Lada’s DJ Page    Shylo Love Soundcloud  Shylo Love’s DJ Page

Support LoveFire.ca Radio! Purchase music, promotional products or donate!

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 There are many ways to support LoveFire Radio!  Buy our music, Purchase promotional products or make a donation.    Love and Gratitude! LoveFire.ca is currently deciding whether or not to be advertising supported or listener supported or a combination of both.  At this time, all costs are being covered by Shylo and Haley through music sales and personal funds.  We appreciate any and all support you are able to give LoveFire Radio so we can continue to bring you amazing […]

Listening to LoveFire.ca Radio

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Find LoveFire{radio} on iTunes Internet Radio under Electronica ! We are now available on TuneIn.com This service works on ALL devices! All you need is: A decent internet connection or cellular connection A way to stream the audio url: Computer with a media player and speakers, Smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc) iPod or internet enabled mp3 player   Sitewide Website Player On the bottom of every page of our website you will notice a “sticky” player works on all […]

Sound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿ – Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies

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Click here to view info about the above image or to view info on the artist at healingartchakraenergy.wordpress.com Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies – Healing & Meditation Sound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿ focuses on creating Healing and Meditation music for balancing the Chakras and Meridian energy systems using the power of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, Holy-Triad Focused Intention, Reconnective Healing Frequencies, Heart-Mind Coherence, DNA Photon Exitation and most important and the meaning of it all…. LOVE … All pure tone frequencies […]