Shylo ॐ Love ☿

Shylo ॐ Love ☿

Tuesday, 03 February 2015

Catch Shylo every afternoon on “All Girl Djs All Afternoon” at 12:12pm MST.

“Music of the heart beats genre! Music is life… music is love, music is everything! I share music that is moving with empowering frequencies… and lots of bass! Focusing on providing 528hz produced or pre transposed tracks and live mixes tuned to A=444hz.  I often use live tuning forks and vocals in my mixes. I call what I play “Shy Trance”: Progressive psy trance, significantly slowed to 124 bpm average with a tech deep house feel.  At this tempo every nuance of the music is within your heartfelt reach and touches deeply.  It’s a sensual, moving speed for psy trance… rather tentative, soft yet powerful and fiercely feminine with some dark shadows to shine light into. Perfect for all occasions where heartbeats and warm all over fuzzies are welcome.”  

Shylo has been producing meditation and sound healing music since 2008 with Sound Love Alchemy having 2 albums currently released and topping spiritual charts.  As a DJ, she has played sets at Kootenanny Music Festival 2013 & 2014, is a Dj on the Wheelhouse Productions roster and has provided background live vocals and or played live tuning forks for JoyOne’s sets at Astral Harvest and Shambhala.  After studying sound healing therapies for the past 7 years, working with tuning forks and making her own cymascope contraption (making music visible) it became clear to her that music and sound are a part of all existence and there was a certain responsibility to sharing powerful frequencies of sound and vibration.


Most recent mix: “Dark Dreams Are Light Beams 528hz”  reached 3rd in the Progressive Psy Trance chart and 65th in the Psy-Trance charts on Mixcloud.

Her promo mix “Dream Shadows of Time 528hz” has been charted 29th in the Top 100 mixes on Beatport and reached 2nd in the Progressive Psy Trance trending charts on Mixcloud.

Check out her website for more original music productions, art & designer clothing at

Affiliations: Radio (, Sound Love Alchemy (, Wheelhouse Productions (, Kootenanny Music Festival (, JoyOne SoundSystem (          

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