Sound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿ – Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies

Sound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿ – Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies

Thursday, 24 January 2013

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Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies – Healing & Meditation

Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies Album CoverSound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿ focuses on creating Healing and Meditation music for balancing the Chakras and Meridian energy systems using the power of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, Holy-Triad Focused Intention, Reconnective Healing Frequencies, Heart-Mind Coherence, DNA Photon Exitation and most important and the meaning of it all…. LOVE ...

All pure tone frequencies playing throughout each track are recorded in studio directly from tuning forks.  All sounds are generated by hand, the musician in an open and meditative state, on an electric piano retuned using a method where the high C is 528hz.


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This is music is intended to be used to move energy through ones Chakra and Meridian energy systems in the body.  Using the principles of Sound Healing, Quantum Physics, The Golden Ratio, Phi, Pi, Fibonnachi, Hexagons, Buckminsterfullerenes and Sacred Geometry, Chemistry, Biology, Neurocardiology, Electromagnetism, DNA Restructuring/Activation, Ancient Wisdom and Energy Healing Techniques all aligned with the humble understanding that nothing powerful is manifested without congruency and coherhence of Thought… Feeling…  Word… and Actions… for it is in this formula that true transformational Alchemy manifests through the Sound of Love actualizing itself …..



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Sound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿ - Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies - Healing & Meditation

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1st Chakra – Red Earth Rooted Harmony 396hz

Ground yourself into earths electromagnetic energy field… send your energetic roots deep into the soil, the rock the core of our planet and feel her resonance ring throughout your being. Harmonize your frequency with that of our mother… our benefactor of mineral, water, air, plant, animal… all life existing within our vibrational sphere… Focus on red light enveloping your lower body as a womb from Gaia earth… feel the light glow the perinium base chakra and the warm embrace of life. Grounding OM 136.1hz throughout eases ones vibration back to OM base from wherever it wanders…. Feel your feet firmly on the ground, hear and connect to the life of all things everywhere thriving and balanced, feel the earth shifting, as you shift… into your natural vibratory state of harmonious bliss. Poster for chakra balancing meditation:

2nd Chakra – Orange Sensual Sacral Flows 417hz

Move energy through your sacral chakra (just below the belly button) focus on Orange light glowing pulsating rhythimically with the beat of life and love … reflect on your connections, sensuality, sexualtiy and relationships… all is forgiven, allowed to flow, accepted, released… all is love…all moves in unison with the rhythm of life…flowing waters, sun set… reflecing myrads of orange onto the surface… emanating from your belly… orange life energy. Meditation helper poster: May you Love and be Loved.. Free download for Valentines Day aka World Sound Healing Day ( Heart Chakra is still available on our website for free download:

3rd Chakra – Golden Sonic Solar Flame 528hz

Move energy through your solar plexus chakra with 528hz (MI – Miracle frequency)… feel your power base, understand your infinite possibility… focus on Golden yellow light a burning flame of self mastery and heart-driven direction… You are infinite, electromagnetically powerful, your golden yellow solar plexus light is like a laser holding your intentions and sending them out into the field of possibilities. This is where clear decisions come from, where action energy originates and manifests. Open up your potential to realize your choices with firey, unapologetic confidence in your connection to divine knowing and direction. Realize goals, complete tasks, direct energy into your optimum path through letting go of what you think … and allowing the divine fire of what your “gut” knows… to flow. It’s good to be you… you are perfect, whole and complete as you are…. Meditation helper poster:

4th Chakra – Green Open Heart Bliss 528hz & 639hz

LIMITED TIME FREE DOWNLOAD!! Please let us know how you feel! Open your heart to the love song of the Universe… Played by Haley Love and Shylo Love on a keyboard re-tuned to the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, (we used a method where high C is 528hz) this song is used for opening, healing and balancing the Heart Chakra. Our intentions open to divine perfection… for the best possible outcome to be manifested for each listener. The music was played in the key of F, though not preplanned, we asked the all knowing Universe for healing music for the Heart…. then allowed this to flow out through our hands and hearts. Actual recordings of tuning forks in the frequencies of 528 hz and 639 hz play throughout the song along with the OM frequency of 136.1 hz. Visualize the colour green and focus on the center of your chest glowing with green light. Feel the love energy flowing into your heart chakra, rotating around and through it, then emanating out in green light rays. Healing your heart center and balancing your connections and relationships. Hear the wind blowing around you and breathe deeply and slowly as the element of the Heart Chakra is Air..after being immersed in the airy love energy yourself and feeling your heart open wide… send this infinite unconditional love energy out into the Earth and Universe, visualize everything and everyone being bathed in a blissful green light breeze…. Find coherence of Heart-Mind and chant AHHHH while breathing through your heart and create a powerful field of healing and vibratory resonance with your electromagnetic power generator… your heart! Over 5000x powerful at emitting frequencies then your busy brain…. breathe through your heart… feel the love for someone, something… feel the love for yourself, feel your chest warm and emanate bliss….your heart-mind is pure… genuine… true and all allowing. Meditation helper poster: Special thanks to Patrice Sauve aka JoyOne for being an integral part of the creation of this song.

5th Chakra – Indigo Higher Truth Vox 741hz

The voice emanates ones individual electromagnetic tonal vibration… use it for vocalizing higher truth, chanting and healing, expressing love, affirming knowing, sharing wisdom, creative compassionate inner discussion towards beautiful artistry of life… thusly used, ones frequency becomes higher, lighter and brighter. Effortless and sound expression of self flows out of heart-coherent throat chakra sounds… Focus on Indigo blue, on the area around the throat… allow indigo light to enter and spiral around your throat. Hear the crickets? They make sounds our ears cannot fathom hearing… perhaps your beingness can hear their song? Reflect on freedom of voice, chant along if you like, notice what naturally comes out…. A voice…. responsibly expressed with truth and integrity…. is powerful. Congruency of thought, word and deed is a potent manifestation formula. Use your power of VOX wisely….. Poster for chakra balancing meditation:

6th Chakra – Violet Universal Eye Space 852hz

Your eye into the infinite intelligence… your sight into the divine. Your imagination, your creative inspiration… your pineal gland in the centre of your brain is your focus… the centre of your forehead the vortex of light penetrates. Violet light enfolds your head and mind as it spirals into multidimensional spaces of awareness… fields of forever… a dream of reality … a new perceptual looking glass … see into the divine space of you and all you are connected to with your 3rd eye … create a pyramid of ‘sight’, lasers of light, with your physical perception mirrors (eyeballs) and your 3rd inner eye (pineal gland) that connect at the pyramidal point directly infront of you….and recieve a new dimensional perpective of whatever you ‘look’ at… see auras around everything, see photons of light emanating, see love, see heart, see peace, see intelligence in it all … really see….. Meditation help poster:

 7th Chakra – White Full Spectral Crown 7 Solfeggio Frequencies

You are directly connected to the infinte Universe… You are the crowned divine progeny, a child of energy source “one”. Your crown of light resides on the top of your head and there contains a portal to the divine omnipresence of intelligent fractal multidimensions, data unlimitless, wisdom to utilize it, a deep knowing of all your various existing dimensional realities and dreams thereof… … Pure white light contains the entire spectrum of colour and the entire library of informational vibration contained within this light … whereas you… a human consist of many molecules of space, of light and matter, of waves and particles with frequency orchestras of them all containing the entire spectrum of the universes song and dance…. Here you are…. Divine Kings and Queens containing the light signature of “all that is” the energy of life itself throughout you and through you your lasers connecting to the divine grid… the library of alexandria, the garden of knowable things… the infite understandings of us all as we understand them… herein your crowning achievement is that you simply exist….. be… you are intrinsically perfect whole complete…. you are the observer, the awareness… the space that is all and no-thing… presence… “I AM” Tuning fork recordings included as played by Shylo through out the track in “Holy Harmony”: 396hz, 417hz, 528hz, 639hz, 741hz, 852hz, 963hz, 136.1hz (OM) Meditation help poster:

Sound of Love 528hz

Haley Love and Shylo Love … singing love from their hearts voice… Shylo playing the keyboard retuned to the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies in the Perfect 5th… C and G. The sounds our voices make are just what naturally flowed out… we were surprised at how lovely it sounded… we added our tuning fork recording of 528hz into the background….and liked it so much we put it on our album 🙂 xoxo

We are CreatriX – Shylo Love & Haley Love

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