The Propa Dropa

The Propa Dropa

Saturday, 07 February 2015
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I Like Bass, Beats & Dance-floor Shenanigans!

Traded in my guitar and amp and got a set of plastic Numark turntables when I was 17.  This resulted from falling in love with the underground electronic music scene in Edmonton in the year 2000.  The first appeal was dancing to House at after-hours clubs.  Soon after, dj’ing became the passion.  Collecting vinyl from such stores as DV8 and Foosh.

Developed roots as a Dj in Break-Beats in the Edmonton scene playing places such as annual 4:20 parties, Gomp parties, Therapy after-hours, Y-after hours, Climax after-hours, won two consecutive Kokannee Free-ride Dj competitions, Zodiac Series , Astral Harvest music festival, Kootenany music festival, plus many more throughout the years.


Started producing at the age of 22 on an MPC 2000XL and a Micro-Korg synth.  I make many styles of Electronic music but for the most part they are all rooted in broken beats, chopped funk, groovy, sub driven bass lines.  Having first become addicted to dancing to Electronic music. I now use that as a guide for when I am making music.  If it gets me off my chair and dancing around, I know I am on the right ‘track’.

My first official release in 2015 on Head Cornerstone Records, called “Love and Tears”.  This release marks all my experiences of being involved in the Electronic Music Scene for the past 15 years.  The E.P took me on an amazing journey of sound and inspiration and I look forward to each new moment of infinite creativity and inspiration as they come and to relate them to a sonic landscape to be represented in my music to come.


If there is one word to describe myself and my involvement in the music scene it would have to be, EXCITED!

Check out his new release Love & Tears: 

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